Why Ultimate Frisbee?

Spirit of the Game

It's the Gold Medal game at the World Championships of Ultimate.  It's Universe Point, meaning the next team to score will win.  The throw goes up and two players race down the field to try and catch it.  As they both jump for it, the defender makes contact with the offensive player, leading to the offensive player missing the catch and calling a foul.  The two players discuss and conclude that it was a 50/50 play and the contact was incidental. Foul call taken back, turnover, and the game continues.


Ultimate is different than other competitive team sports because it relies upon a spirit of sportspersonship that places the responsibility of fair play on the players.  The sport is entirely self-refereed; players call their own fouls and must discuss with the opposing player whether it was actually a foul or not.   This teaches important values including integrity, conflict resolution and personal accountability.  

Mixed Gender

It's mandatory at the elementary and high school level of Ultimate to have a 4:3 ratio of either boys to girls or girls to boys on the field.  After high school, players have the option of playing single gender Ultimate as well.  Learning how to train and compete with and against the opposite gender is an important skill to learn at a young age.  

Fun & Safe

Ultimate is, well, the ultimate cross-sport:  It combines the best qualities of soccer, basketball and football.  Wisconsin's basketball team even uses Ultimate for their off-season training!  Ultimate involves intense cardio, constant changes in direction and superb hand-eye coordination. On top of that, it's non-contact and requires only a disc and cleats to play.