Frequently Asked Questions

What are the basic rules of Ultimate?


Ultimate is 7v7 on a field that is the same length as a soccer field, half the width of one and with end zones on each end.  You cannot run with the disc; you can only pivot like in basketball.  You score a goal by completing a pass in the end zone like football.  It is a non-contact sport and players call their own fouls.    


What equipment is needed to play Ultimate?

All you need is a disc, cleats and a couple cones to get a scrimmage going!


What is Spirit of the Game?

SOTG is the most defining and unique principle of Ultimate.  There are many definitions of it, but in short, it is playing the sport at the highest level possible while maintaining the utmost respect for the opposing team and players.  Players are responsible for calling their own fouls and discussing with opposing players why they called it. Self-calls (calling a foul on one's self even though the opponent did not call it) even at the highest levels of Ultimate are common.  


How many people play Ultimate?

Ultimate is played by an estimated 7 million people in more than 80 countries.  In the Lower Mainland, 70 High Schools and 60 Elementary Schools have Ultimate programs and those numbers, especially in the Elementary division, are growing rapidly.  


Where can I use my newly found Ultimate skills outside of UltiPros?

You can join a Vancouver Ultimate League (VUL) league, play for a club team in the summer like Misfit Ultimate, or tryout for a top club team like Furious George or Traffic.  


Where is the sport of Ultimate headed?

In 2015, the World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) was granted full recognition by the International Olympic Committee.  It is expected to be in the 2024 Summer Olympics most likely in the form of 4v4 (Two men and two women) Beach Ultimate, although WFDF is pushing for 7V7 Grass Ultimate.