Be happy where you are today; strive to be better tomorrow

The title is the first of three values we expect our academy participants, leaders in training and perhaps most importantly, coaches to uphold.  At first glance, it’s a pretty simple sentence; there are no complicated words and it’s not a long sentence either.  Read it a couple more times and you may start to ask yourself questions such as:  What does it mean to be happy where I am?  What does striving to be better tomorrow look like?  Isn’t it contradictory to be happy exactly where I am while also striving to be better?  These are questions I had that I want to answer not only for you, but for myself as well.  The following is solely what I have found to be true in my direct experience.


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Pulls for Peace raises $500 for Ultimate Peace

On September 30th, 50 kids from five different schools attended Pulls for Peace, a 5V5 hat tournament where athletes were put on random teams.  Entry was by donation and UltiPros donated $0.50 per $1 donated.  In total, $500 was raised for Ultimate Peace, an organization that uses Ultimate as a way of building friendships between youth who live in communities divided by conflict. 

Ultimate Frisbee officially recognized as Olympic sport-Vancity Buzz

Fans of Ultimate Frisbee might see the sport on a TV screen in coming years - it was recognized on August 2 as an Olympic Sport by the IOC.  


"This is an incredible milestone in the 30 year history of the WFDF and a further important step for our International Federation in the development of our sport worldwide," said president of the World Flying Disc Federation Robert Rauch in a statement.  


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How to train for Ultimate:  Strength and Conditioning-Ultiworld

"The thing about Ultimate is it's so fricking asymmetrical," said Tim Morrill.  "We're stepping out around the mark, time and time again, for years and years."  That lunge to the same side causes a major muscle imbalance, he explained, shortening everything on the right side (for a right handed thrower) and stretching everything on the left.  


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4 common (but easy to fix) diet mistakes Ultimate players make-Ultiworld

The good news is that many of the common dietary mistakes I see Ultimate players making are also relatively easy to fix.  I've put together a list of some pitfalls and suggestions about how to avoid them in your training and nutrition regime going forward.  


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