The Founders

Ari Nitikman

I started playing Ultimate in Grade 6 at a small IB school in East Vancouver called Stratford Hall.  At the time, our school was so small that we had to get kids from Grades 4-7 to field one elementary soccer team.  Ultimate on the other hand was more doable because it was mixed gender.  Today, there are 500 kids at Stratford Hall and around 70 % of the kids play on the various Ultimate teams which I think is pretty crazy.  No other sport takes over a school like that. 


I reminisce about high school Ultimate a lot, probably too much.  The spirit games and prizes, the annual over-night trip to Washington to play in the largest co-ed youth Ultimate tournament in the world called Spring Reign, the hard-fought games at Provincials…a lot of my best memories from high school involve me throwing or running after a disc.  This passion for Ultimate is at the core of why UltiPros exists:  We want to give every kid in the city, and eventually the world, the opportunity to fall in love with the game and community Ultimate offers.       


Danie Proby

I grew up in the small town of Gibsons, B.C. where I was first introduced to Ultimate, a sport where young and old would come together to play with a frisbee and not keep score. It wasn’t until I attended the University of Victoria that I realized how intense, but still spirited, the sport could be.


I enjoy playing the sport because I feel free when I'm on the field.  I coach the sport because no matter where you go, kids are demanding more Ultimate. I have seen it take over schools I've taught at and bring communities of people together who wouldn't normally cross paths. 


Since I started playing, I've been obsessed. I have played numerous sports but none have taken my heart like Ultimate.  It has provided me with the happiest moments of my life, my best friends, and a global community of like-minded people who love playing a sport that expects more from its athletes. I have made countless connections during my travels with Ultimate players because we always have this little secret in common.


My main purpose in life is to use this passion to provide as many kids as possible the opportunity to play the sport that has given everything to me.